Strawberries still plentiful, despite storms

PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) - Strawberries seem to have weathered the
storms that came on the first weekend in May.

Steve Wurth of Wurth Farms in Paducah told The Paducah Sun his
farm had a great crop when the storms hit May 1-2, claiming up to
15 percent of his berries.

The berries Wurth lost were ripe and the farm didn't likely
suffer long-term damage. Wurth is now concerned about prolonged
rain and high humidity, which would cause rot, fungus or lower
sugar content.

Jeff Taylor at The Berry Farm in Pilot Oak said his farm had one
of its busiest days on Friday. His farm is one of the few self-pick
patches in the region.

Taylor said berries ripen every day and picking will continue
through May.

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