Social Workers Suspended; Investigation Inappropriate Child Removals

The state has placed five Hardin County-based social workers on paid leave for 60 days, and two others have been put on notice they face major disciplinary action.
The actions result from an investigation by the inspector general for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. The probe found that Hardin-based social workers lied in court, altered documents and mocked parents as they removed children from families.

The investigation began after two Louisville-based child advocacy groups revealed problems with inappropriate child removals
and state adoptions.

A Hardin grand jury declined to indict the social workers earlier this month, but criticized the cabinet for letting the workers involved in the problems to remain on the job.

Cabinet spokeswoman Vikki Franklin would not name the seven
workers, saying that the disciplinary action was a personnel
matter. She would not say why two were allowed to stay on the job
or whether any of the workers was a supervisor.

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