Casey Co. hoping for federal flood assistance

Admist the gloom and doom and devastation from last week’s disaster….hope is evident in the small town of Liberty.

“Everybody is trying to get through here and help us. Get over this. So we can get our feet back on the ground,” said flood victim Charles Bentley.

Bentley lost everything in the flood, but he’s already found a new place to live. Others are not so fortunate.

“They tell me you can’t get them back up. They’re a total loss to me,” said Winfred Randolph…who continues looking for answers after the flood destroyed several mobile homes he owns.

Liberty’s mayor says help could be on the way from FEMA, which completed its disaster assessment over the weekend.

“Most of our businesses it will be at least 2 weeks, if not 2 months before they’re open again,” said Mayor Steve Sweeney, who says the damage estimate was in the “millions of dollars.”

But many will quite literally have a better night’s sleep tonight….as dozens of beds were delivered from “build a bed” in Frankfort.

“The said they had over 1500 volunteers that put these together yesterday in 24 hours. 550 beds they put together,” said Matt Davis of Davis Furniture as 40 beds were being delivered.

Local officials are requesting both individual and public assistance, most of which will come in the form of low interest loans.

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