Teen originally charged with kidnapping and attempted murder speaks out

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She says it's time to move on.

For the first time, one of the high school seniors originally accused of kidnapping and trying to kill a classmate is talking to 27 NEWSFIRST.

Charges have since been reduced against Corinne Schwab and Ashley Sams.

The victim claims the girls, along with a juvenile, tried to push her over a cliff in Jackson County.

Schwab, who's 18 years old, says she's ready to put what she calls a terrible episode behind her. She'll be back in class Tuesday, now that her school suspension has ended.

Schwab says the past few weeks have felt like an out of body experience, following what she calls a misunderstanding that got blown out of proportion.

On April 16, classmate Cheyenne Williams accused Schwab and 18-year-old Ashley Sams, as well as a 17-year-old, of kidnapping her and trying to push her over a cliff.

Attorneys for Schwab and Sams say it was a staged performance, orchestrated by Williams, who was a close friend.

Schwab says now, she's trying to get her life back and move on.

"You never think something like that would happen," Schwab said. "Once it does, it weighs you down. But, God and my family and my friends have helped me through a lot of it, keeping me cheered up and everything."

Schwab and Sams were initially charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. They now face misdemeanor charges in the case.

Schwab and Sams pleaded not guilty to those misdemeanor charges in court Monday.

Schwab says she is excited to be a normal senior again. She's looking forward to prom this weekend and she plans to head to Eastern Kentucky University in the fall.

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