Lexington mayoral candidates talk to 27 NEWSFIRST

The current mayor, the former mayor, the vice mayor, and a political outsider.

It's a four-way race to see who will be Lexington's next mayor.

They each have agendas for Kentucky's second largest city.

Current Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry, former Lexington Mayor Teresa Isaac, Lexington Vice-Mayor Jim Gray, and candidate Skip Horine talked to 27 NEWSFIRST about why they feel they should be elected.

"I feel like we have done a very good job at tackling the tough problems that have confronted Lexington," Mayor Jim Newberry said. "And we have managed Urban County Government responsibly in a very difficult economy, and we have created a substantial number of jobs, literally thousands of new jobs in Lexington over the course of the last three years. We've got Lexington on the right track and I want to make sure it stays there."

"So many voters have come up to me and said we want you back and will you please run again," Former Lexington Mayor Teresa Isaac said. "And so I said I would take up the challenge again and try to make Lexington into a better place and try to go back to the Lexington I fostered as mayor; where we tried to promote and protect what was best about Lexington: our farmlands, our small businesses, our clean air and water, but most of all our caring spirit, and people feel like that's missing."

"The chief executive officer of a city like Lexington is a great opportunity," Lexington Vice-Mayor Jim Gray said. "Lexington has a rich two-hundred and thirty-five year history; it's the sixty-fifth largest city in America and with that unique heritage and with this unique position, leadership today is as important as perhaps it will ever be."

"As the mayor you are here to keep people safe," candidate Skip Horine said. "That's your number one job, so that's what I want to do, and we have to start with the police department."

Tuesday on 27 NEWSFIRST at 6, we'll have the results of the Kentucky Poll, and how the candidates are stacking up in viewers' minds.

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