FOXSports Writer Jay Glazer Says "Kentucky's The Pits"

27 NEWSFIRST has learned that has apparently pulled a controversial article.

Sportswriter Jay Glazer, who also appears on TV, was sent to Georgetown to cover the Cincinnati Bengals training camp for his Glaze Across America series.

In his article, titled "Bengals look good, but Kentucky's the pits," he takes swipes at the region using terms like hillbilly and goober in referring to people he met.

He suggested the area needs a full time scout to walk around and correct grammar and spelling errors.

Glazer also went off about the last call for alcohol being what he considers too early.

While this article is no longer available on the FoxSports website, Glazer's newest article takes another jab at Kentucky.

In an article based on a recent visit to Dallas, Glazer makes the following comment:

"Best nightspot on my trip to date It came in Dallas. The Ghostbar in the W Hotel in Dallas was a far, far cry from Goober Pyle, Guardian Angel and Georgetown, Ky."

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