Fayette County School Board To Propose Tax Increase

Some of Lexington's most prominent leaders got together this morning for a big discussion on several topics.

It quickly became clear which topic grabbed the most attention, and it could affect your wallet.

When four of Lexington's most influential lawmakers met with other city leaders to talk about their plans for the future, folks were listening closely.

Particularly when Fayette County School Superintendent Stu Silberman spoke.

He discussed a property tax hike, that could be passing very soon.

To address problems such as overcrowded classrooms and deteriorating buildings, the Fayette County School Board is proposing to pass a property tax increase.

The hike will be 5 cents on every $100, and will go toward to 290 million dollars needed to keep Fayette County Schools functional.

The proposal for the tax increase will take place at a school board meeting on Monday.

Silberman tells 27 NEWSFIRST that it's been 40 years since that last time a tax increase of this magnitude was proposed by the Fayette County School Board

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