Man Accused Of Killing Police Chief Appears In Court

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The man accused of shooting an eastern Kentucky Police Chief in the back of the head and killing him appeared in court Thursday.

But at the center of the hearing for Jamie Barnett is whether or not some of the comments he made can be used as evidence.

Today, the judge listened to chilling testimony from two Kentucky State Police Officers who spent the hours following the shooting with Barnett.

The judge has to decide what will be admissible in court.

The controversy surrounds comments police say Jamie Barnett made while he was being questioned at the Mt. Sterling Police Department just hours after the shooting. Defense Attorneys argue Barnett asked for a lawyer, but the Commonwealth Attorneys say his request wasn't clear.

According to the judge, some things Barnett said before this interview will be part of the trial.

The trial is scheduled to last two weeks and will begin January 7th 2007.

Barnett is charged with capitol murder in connection with the death of Police Chief Randy Lacy.

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