Why Do Some Lexington Professional Teams Succeed, While Others Don't?

Lexington has seen several sports teams come and go over the years.
First the Thoroughblades, then the Men o' War, both hockey teams.
And now, officials with the Horsemen indoor football team have decided to fold.
So what does it take to be a successful professional sports franchise in Lexington?
Ron Borkowski has been involved with the Thoroughblades, the Horsemen, and now the Lexington Legends. He says the length of the season has a lot to do with why some teams don't succeed.
For example, he says a short season, like one the Horsemen typically had, puts them at a disadvantage when trying to get the community involved.
That, in turn, keeps kids from getting involved in the team, and creating a passion for the sport.
The Lexington Legends baseball team, on the other hand, has proven to be a success.
Legends officials say one of the reasons is because they own their own venue. The Horsemen, for example, played in Rupp Arena, a venue shared by the University of Kentucky and other organizations.
By the way, one of this week's sporting magazines ranks Lexington 103 in the top 242 sports markets in the country.

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