Woman's daughter and granddaughter charged in her murder

On Jan. 21, the Whitley County Coroner was called to 139 Cemetery Street in Williamsburg. It would seem to be a typical natural causes death, because 76-year-old Georgia Dotson had been in poor health for quite some time.

But the coroner knew something wasn't just right and some time later the Kentucky Medical Examiner confirmed those suspicions. Dotson had died of blunt force trauma. And what's more, her injuries were covered up with make-up. A Whitley County grand jury indicted Dotson's daughter, Patricia Lawson and her granddaughter, Michelle Loy.

Grace Cox had heard of trouble across the street before from Loy's husband.

"Gary, he told us that she beat him up all the time. Beat the old lady up all the time. He'd come over here and tell us that," Cox said.

In another bizarre twist to the family's story, Loy's husband, Gary, died last week, officials say presumably of a drug overdose, but neighbors say Loy acted real strange right after it happened.

"She said, Gary's dead," neighbor Paul Cox said of Loy coming over to tell him of her husband's death. Cox said he told her to call 911, but she asked him to call emergency services instead.

"She said, 'you think I need to run?' No you don't need to run. Make things worse on you. 'You think I need to hide?' No, you don't need to hide, either." Cox said of his encounter.

Loy and her mother are both charged with murder and criminal abuse.

"The victim had severe bruising to the face, she had fractured ribs," said Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird.

Loy was already in jail on terroristic threatening charges. She declined a chance to give her side of the story. As of Tuesday afternoon, papers had not been served on Lawson.

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