Downtown group opposes plans for Main and Vine

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Many people see the corner of Main and Vine as the gateway to downtown, so it's no surprise that we would hear some strong opinions on what gets built there. but one organization is so upset about specific plans for a CVS pharmacy that it's threatening a boycott of the popular drugstore.

Downtown Lexingtonians take pride in both the classic and the modern look and feel of their community, and what many don't want is anything that resembles suburbia.

Ben Self sits on the board of ProgressLex. The organization is circulating a petition to convince the mayor to send CVS back to the drawing board. Self says ProgressLex isn't opposed to a downtown CVS altogether. In fact the group's website points to a CVS in North Carolina as a design it could support. “It is going to be built, Self said, “so what we're looking for is for CVS to be respectful of our downtown and to give it the kind of design focus and design attention they've provided to other cities, even smaller cities than Lexington.”

A spokesperson for the mayor says plans for the downtown CVS have not been finalized, and the city is still working on design improvements with the developers.

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