Lawmakers returning to Frankfort for special session

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Governor Beshear will call lawmakers back to Frankfort for a special legislative session on May 24. Today he urged lawmakers to consider his proposed plan.

Last month lawmakers concluded the regular session without passing a budget.

Governor Beshear has warned that failure to pass a budget would mean cutting non-essential government services. Today he announced a special legislative session on May 24 and encouraged lawmakers to consider his proposed plan.

"I strongly urge the House and Senate to sit down and immediately reach an agreement", Governor Beshear said during a press conference.

Governor Beshear says in order to jump-start this, he has a plan with a compromised proposal.

""Do I like the budget? No, I do not. It was far better last January when I proposed it, but this is a reasonable compromise on the remaining issues that are dividing the House and Senate", says Governor Steve Beshear.

Those two main issues between the House and Senate are the levels of education funding and the levels of debt.

Senate President David Williams says the proposed plan meets the criteria to start talking.

"I feel the proposal he has made falls in the perimeter of something we can work with", says Senate President David Williams.

"They need to pass a budget. The citizens of Kentucky will neither forgive nor forget if they fail to do so", says Governor Beshear.

As for Senate President David Williams, he says he plans to meet with House Speaker Greg Stumbo tomorrow, who late this afternoon released a statement saying he too supported the Governor's recommendations.

The Governor also said he isn't ruling out the possibility of furloughs for state workers to possibly save money.

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