Plans developed to move tour boat back home

Plans are now coming together to move a central Kentucky tour boat back to its home.

The Dixie Belle, which is operated by Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Mercer County, broke free from its dock last week. It floated several miles down the Kentucky River, and over Lock 7, before being secured again.

Shaker Village officials say current plans are to pull the Dixie Belle out of the water, and put it on a trailer to be inspected by the Coast Guard.

If any repairs are needed to the boat, they'll be done on the trailer.

Shaker Village officials say the boat will then be transported over land, and be put back in the river above Lock 7.

Officials are still considering a couple of options for exactly where the boat will be put back in the water.

Officials say the boat's pilot house, some railing, and all fuel will have to be removed from the boat before it can be moved.

The dock at Shaker Landing also needs to be repaired.

Shaker Village officials think the Dixie Belle will be back in service in approximately two or three weeks.

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