Probation Plea Ignored; Lincoln County Woman Headed to Prison

Carolyn Foley walked into the Stanford courtroom with a note. She put her words of apology in writing, hoping to get some mercy from the judge.

Brandy Ison Simpson was pregnant and a passenger in Foley's truck when it crashed on Thanksgiving Eve. Simpson and her unborn son, Wade, later died.

A jury found Foley guilty of second degree manslaughter and fetal homicide because she was drunk.

On Friday, she admitted her life would never be the same. “I know there's nothing I can do or say to take away your pain. But I'm truly sorry when I say I'm sorry,’ said Foley, reading from the note before Circuit Judge Jeffrey Burdette.

But Simpson's mother wanted more. “I think it should have come more from the heart, instead of writing it down. It would have made me feel better. It would have made me feel that she was really sorry,” said Sandy Ison.

Carolyn Foley asked for probation, but instead the judge said she needed to go to prison to protect the public.

Judge Burdette kept the jury's recommendation of 18 years. That's a consecutive sentence of eight years for Simpson's death and 10 for her unborn son, Wade.

“I think there is a substantial risk that you would re-offend,” Judge Burdette told Foley. “This is not just bad judgment. There is some dishonesty, untruthfulness, never accepting responsibility at the time.”

Now, the victims' family hopes Foley can find counseling and they can find forgiveness.

“In time I'll forgive her,” said Ison.

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