Case of man charged with murdering police officer waived to grand jury

The case against a man charged with the murder of a Lexington police officer is headed to the grand jury.

Wednesday morning, a detective took the stand to detail the case against Glenn Doneghy, giving new information about what exactly happened on the night Officer Bryan Durman was killed.

After hearing testimony from the Lexington Police homicide detective, a judge says a grand jury will now decide if Doneghy should be tried for Officer Durman's murder.

Detective David Richardson provided new details about what happened April 29, the day Officer Durman was killed in a hit and run collision.

The detective says after interviewing witnesses, including the person who made the initial noise complaint that ultimately put Durman in the path of a vehicle, he told the court that Doneghy's SUV was the only vehicle on the road at the time.

Detective Richardson also says after the fact, the SUV made no attempt to stop, and even screeched its tires as it ran a red light.

Police say while trying to talk to Doneghy after the incident, he threw a chemical on four officers, causing a burning sensation, and stabbed another officer with a knife.

Doneghy's attorney says everything that happened after the collision is a separate manner, and the collision itself was an accident.

The attorney says reckless homicide or manslaughter may be more fitting.

"I think those facts fit those charges," Doneghy's attorney Kate Dunn said. "I don't think the Commonwealth met its burden on a murder statue."

Both blood and urine tests were taken by police on the scene.

But the detective says they have not received the results of those tests back yet.

Doneghy remains in jail on a $500,000 bond.

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