Russell Co. Deputy Sheriff talks about how vest saved his life

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Cary York admits he really doesn’t like wearing his bullet proof vest.

“You sweat to death in those vests anyway,” says the Russell County Deputy Sheriff..who survived being shot several times, at close range, when conducting a “routine traffic stop” early Wednesday morning.

The vest was likely the difference in life and death as it stopped several bullets aimed for his chest after pulling over a car with no plates on Ky. 1730 near Wolf Creek Dam.

“It was pretty much point blank..when I got hit….I was trying to retreat, to take cover,” he said from his home.

York says his vest was actually a hand me down…some 5 years old..given to him from a state trooper who had recently received a new one. He says he sometimes went to work without it…but recently..

“I mean I had gut feelings, here and there, I need to be wearing it….I see all this stuff on TV…happening to never know,” he said.

And his wife, Courtney has been pretty convincing as well.

“That’s been a sore spot for both of us…and you know..he complains about it being hot and uncomfortable,” said Courtney York.

But this time, Deputy York admits, it made sure he was able to come home to his wife and two daughters.

“It’s worth the discomfort for 10 hours..if you get to come home.”

Police are still looking for a black or dark colored Ford Taurus, with tinted windows and no license plate.

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