Proposed CentrePointe development a hot topic in Lexington mayoral race

The candidates for Lexington mayor only have five more days to campaign, and then it's up to the voters.

The proposed CentrePointe development in Downtown Lexington has been hotly debated during this primary season.

Developer Dudley Webb proposed a huge hotel and mixed use tower, but after tearing down a block of buildings, investors haven't come through.

Now, a large vacant lot has spiced up the mayor's race, with each candidate having distinctly different perspectives.

"What we need to do going forward is recognize what are these lessons (from CentrePointe)," Vice Mayor Jim Gray said. "How do we include citizens in the decision-making process going forward?"

"CentrePointe still to this day creates the prospects for hundreds of new jobs in a very, very critical part of our Downtown area," Mayor Jim Newberry said. "I support the creation of those new jobs."

"Part of being mayor is being able to talk to developers like the Webb Companies... at least encourage them to build things that will fit in with the rest of the community, with the rest of Downtown," candidate Skip Horine said.

"I think people felt that they were left out this time," former Lexington mayor Teresa Isaac said. "That it was demolished before the final appeal was taken, and that has been changed in the ordinance now. I also think it's important to have an architect on the design review board that approves the design because we don't have one on there, and that was part of the problem also."

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