Crews begin moving the Dixie Belle

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A riverboat sent floating down the Kentucky River is being taken out of the water right now.

A concrete dock got loose in recent flooding hit the Dixie Belle and caused it to float away.

It's been docked at a marina in Mercer County, and today, crews began the process of returning it to Shaker Village.

The Dixie Belle is more than just a riverboat for Captain Bruce Herring.

"Between my brother and me we have 60 years on that boat. We've been out there for a long time and we want to stay there for a long time," he says.

Which is why when the floods came, Captain Herring wasn't about to let Dixie Bell go without a fight.

"If it wasn't for my boat we wouldn't have been able to get her and secure her to trees."

The 115-passenger boat stayed secured to tree lines for days, downstream from its home on the Kentucky River, but a plan is now underway to get her back home.

For at least the next two days the Dixie Belle will be docked at the Cummins Ferry Marina awaiting an inspection from the Coast Guard.

It doesn't appear there's any major damage to the Dixie Belle, just a few scratches, but she will remain out of commission until the inspection is complete.

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