Illegal immigration becomes a big topic in Lexington mayoral race

Illegal immigration is an emotionally charged issue around the country, and it's being talked about even in the Lexington mayor's race.

The new Arizona law that gives local and state police more latitude in that state has led to protests and discussions around the country.

The candidates for mayor all say Lexington must act within the limits of the law, but should do what it can to stop illegal immigration.

"We've been working with ICE to make available to them information about anyone who is incarcerated at our jail who is born outside the U.S.," Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry said. "That information is given to ICE. If they see somebody they need to deport off that list, they let us know and we detain them."

"I'm not for profiling," candidate Skip Horine said. "I wouldn't pull over, have the police pull over someone just because of the way they look. But once they're pulled over and they don't have their proper paperwork, then that's the time to act."

"I think it's important for employers to be very proactive," candidate Teresa Isaac said. "And make sure that when they hire people they are having people who have legal status."

"I think many of us see what's occurring in Arizona is stimulating the federal government," Vice Mayor Jim Gray said. "Our legislatures to actually do something about this critical problem."

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