Man fights off robbers with machete

A couple of robbers end up becoming the victims after they chose to rob the wrong house.

Two men busted through the front door of Grant Lambert's Boyd County home Wednesday night.

The robbers were armed with baseball bats an a toy gun. They were no match for what Lambert had.

"I keep some knives around the house just in case," he said. "I pulled the machete, told them to get out of my home. They came up to attack me. I thought they were real guns, I started whacking them, whacking them."

Police say Chris and Randall Artrip got away with more than $100 and Lambert's machete.

Both were injured pretty badly in the attack and had to be hospitalized.

"He defended himself well," Boyd County Sheriff Terry Keelin said. "They got away with money of his, but they paid dearly for it. It would be doubtful that anyone would want to try to rob that victim again."

Both men will be charged when they are released from the hospital.

Police sa a woman named Amy Sturgill was driving the getaway car. She will also be charged.

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