Lancaster man dies in Cincinnati shooting

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"I don't have my baby no more," said Roxanne Hollon.

Hollon got the news early Friday morning that her 26 year old son, Jonathan Lunsford, had been shot to death.

"Three detectives showed up at my door," Hollon said.

Hollon lives in Lancaster, where Lunsford grew up. But Lunsford had since been living with his wife and two little girls in Hebron.

Police say they were called to the Millvale neighborhood of Cincinnati around 1 a.m. Friday for a report of a car crash.

When they got there, the person behind the wheel was Lunsford - and he had also been shot several times.

"Do they realize they just took the baby's father from him, the little one ain't never even going to remember him," said Lunsford's sister, Kara Asberry.

Family members say Lunsford had just finished giving two co-workers a ride home after working the late shift at a distribution center.

That's when police say he was shot while inside his car, and then tried to drive away, crashing into parked cars and a fence.

It's not yet clear if he died from gunshot wounds or injuries sustained in the crash.

Detectives haven't said whether they have any specific suspects, leaving his family with unanswered questions.

They say the shooter or shooters took away someone very important to them.

"I loved my son very much and I'm going to miss him with all my heart," said Hollon.

Lunsford graduated from Garrard County High School in 2002.

His visitation will be held Sunday, and his funeral on Monday at Spurlin Funeral Home in Lancaster.

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