Schools Struggle Over What To Do About Ever-Present Cell Phones

GOSHEN, Ky. (AP) - A text message to her cousin during Spanish class forced Allison Gullion to say "adios" to her bright pink cell phone, a $200 Christmas present she was so attached to she cried afterward.

The North Oldham High sophomore isn't the only one. Dozens of students in the Oldham County school district have been forced to give up their cell phones due to too much chatting in the hallways or texting during lessons.

"I feel it's a phenomenon we can't fight," said school board chairwoman Joyce Fletcher.

Oldham's policy dictates that a student caught using a cell phone will have it taken away. A parent has to pick it up from school and sign a form acknowledging that if the student is caught using it again at school, it will be forfeited to the board. Most of the phones have been donated to shelters for battered women, who can use the phones to call 911 in emergencies.

But with the number of items - and the cost to buy them - rising, the school board is having second thoughts about the policy. The board is considering revising the policy to allow students who had an electronic device taken from them during the year to get it back once the school year is over.

"That thing wasn't cheap," said Joni Burnett, Allison's mother. "I understand that they shouldn't have them during school, but don't take them away."

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