Crews search river after report of SUV floating in water

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A search ended Monday afternoon for a vehicle that may have floated down the Kentucky River.

A woman aboard a school bus told police she saw an SUV Monday morning, as the bus crossed the Clays Ferry Bridge, at the Fayette-Madison County line.

The woman told police she could see the SUV's headlights and flashers going down the river.

SONAR equipment has been brought in to help with the search.

The report came in around 8:30 a.m. Monday. The woman said she could see a black SUV in the river from the northbound lanes of Interstate 75 on the Clays Ferry Bridge.

Several agencies from multiple counties responded, including Fayette, Madison, and Jessamine Counties.

Rowan County brought in its side scan SONAR equipment, which was been successful finding vehicles in the Kentucky River in the past.

"We're not ruling anything out," Major Ed Davis of the Lexington Fire Department said. "If that were my loved one, I'd like to think that we did everything we can do, so we are going to get an extended operation over here and bring that side SONAR here and we are going to search the river."

Search and rescue crews aren't sure if what the witness saw was maybe the SUV on a smaller bridge nearby, but she just couldn't tell the bridge was there because of the fog.

Officials say they're not taking any chances.

Search and rescue crews say they are checking records from the surrounding area, to see if anyone has been reported missing.

So far, nothing has been found. The search is over, unless reports of someone missing come in otherwise.

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