Several cars break down after drivers fill up with bad gas

More than a dozen drivers spent Monday morning talking to police and calling tow trucks after buying some bad gas at a Lexington gas station.

The gas was sold at the Chevron at Man o'War & Polo Club Boulevard.

Kentucky Petroleum, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Environmental Protection, and the state fire marshal are all now looking into the problem.

Many drivers say they filled up, and promptly broke down.

"It seemed like the more gas they got, if they filled up, they didn't even make it out of the parking lot," Lexington Police Officer Scott Perrine said.

Kentucky Petroleum supplies gas for the Chevron. Workers filled the tanks at the station Friday, and no problems were reported until Monday morning.

When workers checked the tanks Monday, they found 300 gallons of water inside. There weren't supposed to be any.

It's been speculated the cap at the fill point may not have been secured tightly, and rainwater from the weekend may have drained into the tanks, causing the problem.

The tanks are being drained and refilled.

In the meantime, the owner of the gas station is trying to figure out how this all happened. He's already contacted his insurance company to reimburse customers for their damages.

Basic repairs for water in the fuel tank can run anywhere from $300 to $1,500.

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