Wayne Co. Judge delays sentencing, allows DNA testing in murder case

She entered the courtroom…scheduled to be sentenced to possibly 30 years….for killing Julie Burchett. But despite a guilty verdict…it didn’t happen.

“That was totally unexpected…I did not expect that. We came here for sentencing today. We didn’t come here for this,” said William Hicks, the victim’s father.

Hicks isn’t happy that the woman he believes stabbed his daughter to death…after a party in July 2008, may have found a loophole to delay what he thinks is the inevitable.

“12 people on the jury found her guilty. Beyond a doubt. All the evidence pointed to that,” he said.

Judge Vernon Minaird agreed to delay sentencing to allow DNA testing of blood found under Burchett’s fingernails.

Hope White’s attorneys are questioning the testimony of 3 men who say they were with Burchett the night she was killed. Now they want to know if the DNA in question will show the blood belonging to a woman..or a man.

“According to their (the 3 men’s) testimony, they never were around to touch her, if it was their DNA under her fingertips, they have some big explaining to do,” said White’s attorney, Jim Cox.

The prosecutor said it’s likely the blood will belong to the victim…and is questioning why the defense attorneys are bringing the request so late in the game.

Judge Miniard ordered that the DNA testing be done within 90 days. Another court date is set for Aug. 17.

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