Majority of Kentucky counties using paper ballots during elections

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When voters get to the polls tomorrow, some of them will be seeing a new type of ballot. Three-fourths of Kentucky's counties have turned to using paper ballots. That includes Madison County, which used a touch-screen system during the last election.

It's the day before elections and in Madison County they're getting prepared by dropping off machines and items to all of their 19 polling locations. However, this year voters can expect new machines when they're casting their votes. They have turned to paper ballots.

Unlike the touch screen machines the county has used before, voters will mark a paper ballot that is put through a scanner which, essentially gives you two copies of the votes: what is scanned through the machine and the original ballot.

"You could re-create the election if need be and the only way to do that is by paper", says William Gabbard, the County Clerk in Madison County.

William Gabbard, the county clerk says he doesn't expect this change to slow them down at all. In fact, he believes it will actually speed the process up.

"It should be quicker because six people can vote at once", says William Gabbard.

They say with the touchscreen system, they had one booth that people had to wait in line to use.

It seems more counties are turning to the paper ballot way of voting as well. In 2008, 40% of the counties in Kentucky used the machines. Our Secretary of State's office says that 75% are using it during this election.

We're told Fayette County is still using electronic machines, and that all of it's surround counties will be using the paper ballot system. Clark County has the paper ballot system that they will be using in the November election.

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