Family confident an arrest is coming in homicide investigation

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It's been more than three months since investigators say someone killed a former Scott County school bus driver, but her killer is still on the loose.

Family members of Sue Jones say they are holding out hope that justice will be served. They're raising money for a reward and hoping new leads direct police to the person who killed a mother, grandmother, and cancer survivor.

As the months go by without an arrest, friends of Sue Jones have been outspoken about their frustration. Jones' daughter Gail says she knows more than anyone how hard it is not knowing who killed her mother. "I do get angry just like everybody else," Gail Jones said, "I'll sit up in the middle of the night. I'll be crying, oh my God this is never going to get nowhere. We're never going to know nothing."

Despite her frustration, Gail says she's convinced investigators are on the right track, and she says her mother would be the first to tell her loved ones to be patient. "She was always calm and very, very nice, and she'd be like, now, you know they got to do their job now. They got to do interviews. You know how long things take, and stay calm. Stop all your crying. Quit being a baby, and I know she would say that."

Gail isn't alone. Her brother, Tommy Kidwell, who still lives at the home where their mother was killed, says police questioned him extensively. An unpleasant experience, but one that convinced him that police were being thorough. "I've had four separate interviews with the state police, and they're thoroughly convinced that I had nothing to do with it," Kidwell said, "If they're going to question me that much, then I know they're going to be looking at others that strong too."

Now family members say they believe an arrest is coming soon, and Gail says she only has one request. "Make sure it's the right one," Gail said, "Don't jump the gun at all, and I think that's what they're doing. They're making sure everything's right, which is a good thing."

The Scott County coroner says Sue Jones died from blunt force trauma to the head. State police say they've conducted polygraph tests on several persons of interest. Family members say they're planning a yard sale for Memorial Day weekend to raise money to offer a reward for information leading to an arrest.

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