Civil Lawsuit Against Shane Ragland

A day after Shane Ragland admitted to killing former UK football player Trent Digiuro, 27 NEWSFIRST has learned a civil suit against Ragland, by the Digiuro family will likely go forward.

This comes as Fayette Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson takes some heat today over the plea deal Ragland entered yesterday.

Mike Diguiro says he hasn't had time to think about the civil suit, and adding that he expects to go ahead with it. He has the blessing of Kentucky's Supreme Court which upheld a decision by the court of the appeals by overturning a ruling in circuit court.

In the view of the majority opinion in the appeals court ruling, current state law does not put a statute of limitations on wrongful death civil suits saying in part "it does seem absurd that when one has been a successful murderer he is provided benefits and arbitrary defenses under the law."

Meanwhile the prosecutor who engineered the plea agreement received the earful he knew he'd get during a radio call-in program.
Most of the calls were similar in tone, very angry.

Shane Ragland will get to take off his tracking device by the end of the week.

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