Child Left on Bus, Family Is Outraged

It's not usually a long bus ride home for Delores Eversole's 5 year old grandson as she says she lives just a few minutes from his Barbourville school. But on Tuesday she says it took more than 45 minutes for the kindergartner to get home.

“Today I'm angry. I'm upset. The school system failed,” claims Eversole.

Eversole says for some reason her grandson Hunter missed his stop and wasn't found until after the driver ended his route and left the bus at Knox Central High School.

“Evidently he (Hunter) was scared according to what the custodian (said); he was crying and hollering for his teacher. He was scared,” says Eversole.

School officials say when Hunter was found at Knox Central he was ‘hot, sweaty and unset’ but that when he got home to his grandmother he was fine. But that's not what she says.

"When his Grandpa got him off the bus he wasn't even able to stand up, he had to be packed into the house.”

She took him to the hospital but he was fine. But now she wants to know how a small child was left behind and even school officials say there is a post trip walk through that's standard protocol.

“(To) not just do a glance or say ‘is no one here?’ because often there are smaller children on there who go down below the top of the seat and you cannot see them,” says Knox County Schools Spokesperson David Cole.

Officials wouldn't identify the driver, but they say the experienced, veteran driver is suspended.