Nails On Busy Road Lead To Plenty Of Flat Tires

Imagine driving down the highway, and suddenly coming upon hundreds of nails in the road.
That's just what happened to many drivers along Highway 27 in Garrard County Monday night.
Nick Gilbert and his family were southbound on the road, when suddenly, they saw something shiny, they first thought was glass in the road.
"We had to go ahead and hit them because of oncoming traffic," Gilbert says.' "When we slowed down to stop at our local Wal-Mart, we realized that it was indeed nails instead of glass, so we went ahead and got a plug kit, pulled the nails myself and plugged the tires."
Gilbert says 3 of his 4 tires were punctured by nails.
Then in the Wal-Mart parking lot, he noticed the car of a woman who had driven over the nails right behind him.
Gilbert was able to track down the woman in the store, so he could tell her what happened to her tires.
A clean up crew along Highway 27 later found a 5 gallon bucket that still had some nails in it. As of Wednesday afternoon, some of the nails were still on the side of the road.
Police don't know how the nails got on the road, but right now, officers say there's no reason to think anyone placed them there deliberately.

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