Wife of Comair Pilot Killed In Flight 5191 Crash, Files Lawsuit

The wife of Comair pilot Jeff Clay, who lost his life in the crash of Flight 5191, has now joined the list of people suing over the crash.

Amy Clay's lawsuit alleges a number of people failed to ensure a variety of safeguards to prevent the accident. When we spoke to Amy Clay just before the anniversary of the crash, she wanted to make it clear her husband was a good pilot with a perfect flight record.

Now she along with First Officer James Polehinke are filing separate lawsuits with basically the same message.

Amy Clay tells us, "I never said pilots don't hold some responsibility but for heaven's sake do we want our crews to operate with complete absence of information. It's over looking all options to fix and change something, it will happen again."

So just before the one year anniversary of her husband's death Amy filed a federal lawsuit alleging a number of parties were negligent by failing to ensure safeguards to prevent the crash of flight 5191, of which her husband was the first captain.

"Jeff had a perfect record and we're not talking about an idiot here, we're talking about a perfect flight record," Amy said.

In an interview with 27NEWSFIRST just before the anniversary of Jeff Clay's death she said her husband should have been given information given in regard to take off and not have had to guess. The lawsuit argues the Federal Aviation Commission, Blue Grass Airport, the aviation chart maker and several other officials made her husband's job more difficult than it should have been.

"I get so tired of clues and cues. Do we really want airport navigation to be some sort of puzzle?"

The only one to survive the crash, James Polehinke, also filed a similar lawsuit late last week. However Polehinke's lawsuit also includes the company involved in the airport construction project at the time of the crash.

Polehinke also filed suit in Fayette Circuit Court against the company that designed the runway lights at Blue Grass Airport.

Several other lawsuits have been filed since the crash by family members of the victims.

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