Child recovering after dog attack

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10-year-old Mariah Thomas is recovering after she was attacked by a neighbor's dog Thursday evening.

Thomas was playing with her friends in the front yard of the home at 100 Lindsay Drive in Nicholasville when the dogs at the residence got out from the backyard. Thomas says she tried to stay clear of the dog but he grabbed her by the leg. An adult reportedly tried to free Thomas but not before the dog bit her arm. It took an adult neighbor beating the dog with a scooter to get it to let go of the child.

Thomas's parents rushed her to a nearby medical facility where she received 14 stitches in her left arm and 7 stitches in her right leg.

The dog, which is named 'Reno' was taken into custody by animal control officers. It is now in quarantine at the Jessamine County Animal Shelter and a judge will determine its fate.

The dog's owner says the dog is a mixed breed and has never been aggressive. He also says the gate to his backyard is always locked.

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