Man abstains from eating for nearly 40 days

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Associate Pastor John Choi takes the pulpit at Lexington United Methodist Church to sharehis message, but had to stop multiple times just to get a sip of water.

Turning 30 this year, Choi says he was looking to do something he had never done before.

After careful thought, he decided to take away what most would consider critical for survival.

Choi committed to a fast of 40 days, no food or juice, just water.

But the days of fast weren't easy. Parts of his daily routine were difficult, as he passed a stocked refrigerator just to get his water.

And constantly surrounded by food, the temptations were great, like at a Bible Study where serving food is a regular part of fellowship.

Nutritionists we talked to say though a 40-day fast is within reason, it isn't recommended without medical supervision.

But Choi says he had a greater power on his side.

By day 35, however, Choi's body couldn't handle the fast any longer. He began drinking liquids, and by 37, he began eating solid foods.

But Choi says he has no qualms about being three days short of his goal. He says it was all about getting closer to God.

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