Police bust careless burglars

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Cynthiana Police say thieves trying to get their hands on steel at the Steel Trailer Company didn't make it far after leaving their car and identification behind.

Police say the steel company has been a target of theft before.

"He's been hit several times over the last couple of years, with unemployment the way it is," says Cynthiana Police Sgt. Wilbur Gross.

Early Monday morning, police say the thieves were ready to strike again, when an employee watching the building saw their pick-up truck pull up and start getting steel. The employee then called police.

Except when officers arrived, the thieves tried to get away, and they left key pieces of evidence behind, including their getaway truck that had to be towed. Inside the truck, was their wallets, IDs and cell phones.

Police say one of the suspects, Jeffrey Jones, quickly turned himself in. He faces multiple charges, including a felony count of theft and trespassing.

Another suspect is still on the run. But nearby businesses say they feel more at ease knowing another criminal may be off the streets.

"I'm glad that they were caught and that the Cynthiana Police could see that something was going," says Tomi Sadler, the owner of a nearby business.

Police say there could also be others responsible for the string of thefts.

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