Fire destroys house where mother, four children live

Crews are still working to determine just what started a fire at a home, where a mother and four children live.

The children were at school, but the mother was inside the house on Hawkins Cummins Road near the Centerville community in Bourbon County, when the fire started around 9:30 this morning.

It was already engulfed when firefighters arrived.

Now, as Gabriel Roxas reports, the family is being forced to set-up home somewhere else.

There comes a time with some fires when you just have to let them burn.

Lloyde Campbell, the Bourbon County Fire Chief says, "we stayed in an offensive attack for probably about two and a half hours, and the fire had gotten into the floor and the attic and stuff, and we finally just had to call it."

Chief Campbell says from the beginning, the cards were stacked against firefighters.

"Unfortunately this residence here is about ten to twelve minutes away from the closest station here, and the fire was pretty much involved before we ever arrived."

Once firefighters established the mother and her four children who live here were safe, they had to consider their own safety as the day's heat made fighting the fire even more difficult.

"Fatigue did play a factor after about an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes of trying to fight the structure. Fatigue did come into play, and we did call for mutual aid from some surrounding departments."

The Red Cross is helping the family with temporary housing.

The Silas Baptist Church in Cynthiana is also taking donations.

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