Toddler found wandering alone along Lexington street

A toddler is safe and back with her family after she was found wandering along down a street late Monday night.

A neighbor, living along Pimlico Parkway, called police after seeing the 2-year-old girl walking along the sidewalk with a corncob in her hand.

That was at 8:55 p.m. Monday.

Police took the child with them and contacted social workers.

One hour and 15 minutes later, police received a call from a family living on Waterford Park, just off Pimlico, about a missing little girl.

They told officers the child had not been seen for ten minutes.

After talking with social workers, the girl was given back to family members.

The girl's grandmother, who police say was supposed to be watching the toddler, was cited for wanton endangerment of a juvenile.

Police say the grandmother had just lost track and a very large family lives inside the home.

No names have been released.

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