Crash involving two tractor trailers ties up traffic on interstate

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"It sounded like explosions going off," said Christina Iler, who was on her way to work Tuesday morning when she witnessed a firey crash.

Police say two tractor trailers collided on Interstate 65 around

"This huge semi just flipped over and flames just burst out," said Iler.

Authorities say a tractor-trailer veered into another tractor-trailer's path near mile-marker 65 and they collided and burst into flames.

Iler and others rushed to help the truck drivers, who were both injured.

One driver was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The other was flown to Louisville.

The interstate was shut down for most of the day in that area, with only the northbound lanes finally opening up in the afternoon.

"I drive this road every day, it's just 2 lanes, and people are going about 80 miles per hour," said Iler, "It's not safe at all."

Tuesday's crash happened just a mile away from the tragic accident along I-65 in Hart county that killed 11 people, back in march.

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