Toddler drowns in swimming pool

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A heartbreaking story in southern Kentucky, after a 2-year-old girl drowned in a family swimming pool Monday.

Her Grandmother, Melanie Collier, says two year old Chloe Collier and her other three grandchildren would love to come and visit her at her home in the Lily Community of Laurel County.

Collier says, "We would laugh, talk, play, just about whatever they wanted to."

Monday, Collier's four grandchildren including two year old Chloe, came over to play.

She says the pool wasn't ready yet for swimming, but were told the lock usually kept off the gate was removed, having the rust cleaned from it.

One of the grandchildren managed to open the gate and Collier says two year old Chloe found her way unnoticed into the pool.

When the children were called in for dinner, the family could not find Chloe.

After a quick search, investigators say she was found in the swimming pool.

When paramedics arrived, family members were performing CPR, but Chloe later died at the hospital.

The sheriff's department says this investigation is ongoing. Chloe's grandfather says he's now getting rid of the pool after what happened Monday night.

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