Doctor charged with wife's murder rejects plea deal

It was his last chance to take a plea deal.

Doctor Steven Hall, of Harrodsburg, appeared in court Tuesday morning on charges he used a boat to murder his wife on Herrington Lake last year.

But instead of taking the prosecution's offer, Hall decided to fight the charges.

During a quick hearing Tuesday, Hall and his attorney declined the plea deal made to them at the beginning of this month.

It's not known what the terms of the Commonwealth's offer were, but regardless, Hall rejected it.

The 47-year-old doctor is accused of hitting and killing his wife, 49-year-old Isabel Hall, with a pontoon boat on Herrington Lake last May.

The two were celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary at the time.

Hall told prosecutors last year that it was all an accident, after testimony revealed he pushed his wife overboard, before hitting her in the water with the boat.

Since Hall rejected the plea deal, the judge will proceed with the trial, which is set to begin August 16 in Boyle County.

The judge told Hall's attorney that between now and the trial, the defense can file motions in the case.

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