Home Invasion Suspect On The Loose

Chester Stevens says he's lucky it was still dark outside when he chased a robber out of his Hazard home without any clothes on. He says he's also thankful to be alive.

"Fortunate that he didn't have a gun to shoot me back, because I gave him a perfect target when I paused in the doorway," Stevens said.

Stevens told police all about it. How the man broke in through the basement window, made his way upstairs in the dark, and found himself caught in the act in the kitchen.

"I thought his head was that clock. For that reason, I really wasn't sure that there was somebody there until he moved and took off out the door," Stevens said.

Stevens tells police he grabbed his gun, ran outside and fired a shot into the air as the man ran down the street. Later Stevens realized what was taken.

"I had my billfold, at least I assume it was laying there because I haven't found it," Stevens said.

Some say until now, it's been a safe neighborhood.

"Everybody's gonna have to start looking after their neighbors a little bit more closer and watching their neighbors with instances like this," said Thomas Erwin.

Stevens says he's going to take that idea a step further.

"I do have security cameras that I haven't put up yet. I'll get those put up," Stevens said.

Police say they don't have a good description of the suspect. If you have any information, you should call the Hazard Police Department.

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