Police offer tips to keep thieves away from your car

Police took some extra steps Tuesday, hoping to keep you from becoming an easy target for thieves.

Lexington Police showed off some things you can do to protect things you keep inside your car.

Last month alone, Lexington Police say they received more than 300 reports of thefts from vehicles, and they fear that number will go up in the coming months.

"With the warm weather approaching, we tend to see a rise in people getting items stolen from their vehicles," Lexington Police Officer Steven Gaunce said. "So we want to make the public aware of things that thieves target and ways to prevent people from getting items stolen from their vehicles."

Police say their tips are easy. They say you should keep your car doors locked and put any expensive items in trunks or glove boxes.

As for your GPS, police say even if you keep it hidden in your car, thieves can still tell you have one by looking for rings on the windshield, and dust-free areas on the dashboard, that mounting devices leave behind.

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