Concern Over Wild Hogs Expressed By Kentucky Forest Official

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (AP) - The operations director of Bernheim Forest says he's concerned about wild hogs in the Arboretum and Research facility in north-central Kentucky.
Operations Director Roger Fauver says there may be as many as
100 hogs and many of them are now being seen on neighboring farms.
Fauver says the hogs could return to Bernheim this fall to search
for acorns and other food. Bernheim is in Bullitt County, some 13
miles southeast of Bardstown, the Nelson County seat.
Fauver says the hogs are very destructive and there's concern
about diseases they could possibly carry. He says the feral hogs
are usually not aggressive, but are elusive.
The hogs were first noticed at Bernheim last November, when
scattered wallows and evidence of their rooting were discovered
over a 600-acre section of the 14,000-acre forest. The USDA was
called in and specialists estimate that the herd at Bernheim at
that time might have numbered as many as 60 animals, with others
scattered over adjacent private forest lands.

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