Community bands together for restaurant hit hard by flooding

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It's a community effort to save a restaurant heavily damaged by severe flooding.

Dozens of businesses were damaged by the flooding in Casey County, including the Hong Kong Buffet.

As Gabriel Roxas tells us, the community is now banding together to help the restaurant make a move to a new location.

After years of offering Casey County takeout, the Hong Kong Buffet saw the favor returned when the community pitched in to help the restaurant move out of this flood-ravaged building and into a new location.

Jerry Johnson says, "we're going to try to help them out, so they don't have to go out of business. We need a little Chinese restaurant in this town."

Owners of the family business say it means the world to them that the community ministries group would volunteer to help move and clean equipment for the local restaurant.

Lin Ning says, "I really appreciate it because they're very nice."

Recent flood damage is widespread throughout the community.

"We've lost about all of our businesses, and we don't want to lose any of them. We want to help them out, so they can stay here," says Johnson.

Volunteers say whether it's floods or tornados or whatever the next challenge may be, they're not going to let Mother Nature keep them down.

"Casey County is a wonderful place to be if you have a disaster."

Volunteers for the community ministries say they're working with 40 families throughout the area by coordinating food and clothing donations coming from as far away as Indiana.

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