Dixie Bell Transported Toward Shaker Village

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It's not what most people expect to see on the highway...a boat being towed on the back of a truck.

That was the sight last night on US 27 in Garrard county as workers try to get the Dixie Bell back in the water at Shaker Village. It was swept downstream from Mercer to Jessamine Counties during the flood earlier this month.

It's been an ongoing process...that's still not complete. During the flood the Dixie Bell was swept down the Kentucky River from Mercer to Jessamine County going over the dam.

Now that the flood water has receded, the boat can't go over the locks back to Shaker Village, so it's being transported by roadway.
"We moved from Cummings Ferry Campground and Marina we came up 127 through Harrodsburg into Stanford through Lancaster to Camp Nelson," says Captain Bruce Herring.

The tall parts of the boat had to be taken down for the roadtrip.

"Smoke stack, pilot house, handrails, emergency steering, staircase, all of that had to come down because of power lines," says Herring.

Once the boat makes it down the hill it will face another obstacle. The ramp is now covered with 6 feet of sand which was deposited by the flood. Bulldozers must clear the way for the boat to finally make it into the water.

"We're 18 miles from our dock so we're figuring maybe 4 hours," says Herring.

This whole process may mean another week for tours to resume.

Herring says, "We're hoping to be back in operation as soon as possible after everything starts moving a long. It won't take long to get everything back together."