Folks in one community fear possible serial arsonist

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Investigators in one Kentucky community are dealing with their fourth suspicious fire in just two days. They say it is the seventh suspicious fire this month.

Firefighters battled the fire on Lancaster Street in Crab Orchard Wednesday evening.

Now, people living in an apartment complex next door say they're fearing their building could be next.

"It could happen anywhere," explained Thomas Hendrix.

"I was afraid to go to sleep last night," continued Tonya Hiatt. "I was afraid to go to sleep. Afraid I'd get burned up. Afraid he'd strike again."

The Lincoln County Fire Chief says no one was hurt in the latest fire and no one lives in the home.

The damage is described as minor and is mostly limited to the outside of the home.

A fire investigator with the Kentucky State Police tells us they've had 7 highly suspicious fires in the city of Crab Orchard in the past month.

Fire officials say in the case of this fire two red flags are that no one was inside the building and there was no electricity.

On Tuesday, two people narrowly escaped a fire that destroyed their Manor Boulevard home Wednesday morning.

Investigator say they have begun questioning some people who have been seen at several of the fires but they are not naming any suspects or persons of interest.

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