Police say former teacher/coach sexually abused children

Dennis Jackson is no longer in the dugout at the Riverside Christian School baseball diamond. Instead he's in jail charged after a grand jury indicted him on 14 sex related criminal charges, from sodomy and sex abuse to indecent exposure.

The news of Jackson's arrest came as a shock to the school's CEO, Ernie Roberts. "Mr. Jackson's done a wonderful job for us since he's been here working with the team" said Roberts.

Roberts says, a couple weeks ago Jackson approached him after rumors began swirling around the school, saying he wanted to quit before the rumors got out of hand. "He didn't want to do anything to catch us off guard at school."

Roberts says most of the comments the CEO has heard about Jackson since his arrival at the school have been positive. He says never have any students come forward with allegations.

Police say the investigation into Jackson's past will continue. Roberts say the school is cooperating with police.

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