Light Changed At Dangerous Lexington Intersection

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On this labor day weekend thousands will hit the roads. But Katie McCormick's worries are with one busy intersection in Lexington. There is still broken glass at Man O' War and Mapleleaf Drive. It's remnants of a serious crash. Back in July, McCormick's son and three grandchildren collided with a truck after they attempted to make a left turn onto Mapleleaf.
McCormick's 11 year-old and 4 year-old grandson's were seriously injured.
A month later the year-old continues to recover at Cardinal Hospital.
According to Lexington Police there were 20 accidents at this one intersection from July 2006 to July of this year.
Some drivers say the red turn signal slows traffic down, but McCormick says an extra two minutes is worth not having another family go through what her family continues to go through.

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