Franklin Sheriff issues funny money warning following faked bail

FRANKFORT, KY - Franklin County Sheriff Steve Clark is asking local merchants to be on the lookout for counterfeit $100 bills, according to a story in today's Frankfort State Journal.

Clark said he has received several calls from local businesses that have received fake $100 bills. Some of those businesses, he said, wouldn't accept the money, and gave it back to the customer, reports the State Journal.

Additionally, Clark said a fake $100 bill was given to the Franklin Circuit Clerk's office last week, and Tuesday at the Franklin County Regional Jail, a prisoner was bailed out with five counterfeit $100 bills.

He said the person who was bailed out with the fake cash is still unknown, although it has been narrowed down to four people. Clark said he has no idea if the fake money is being made locally, or if it came from somewhere else.

"We wanted to make business owners aware " there are some pretty good quality and some not-so-good quality," he said, adding that businesses should use counterfeit detecting pencils on all $100 bills.

Producing counterfeit money is a federal felony. If someone comes in contact with a counterfeit bill, Clark said to contact the sheriff's office at 875-8740, the Frankfort Police Department at 875-8523 or the Kentucky State Police Post 12 at 227-2221, writes the newspaper.

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