Historic homeless shelter in dire need

A 70-bed homeless shelter in Kentucky's
third-largest city may not make it to its 90th anniversary next
Becky Hagan, head of the Boulware Mission in downtown Owensboro,
said the shelter is running up to $30,000 a month behind in
The shelter is the oldest in Owensboro and was started in May,
1921 by Milton "Miss Mitt" Fontaine Boulware, an elementary
school teacher who raised $2,500 to get it going.
It is one of Owensboro's four homeless shelters, all of which
are full most nights.
In the past year, the Boulware Mission served 82,145 meals, held
2,080 education and counseling sessions, conducted 2,500 licensed
substance abuse counseling sessions and taught 104 GED classes.
If donations to Boulware don't pick up soon, Hagan said, the
agency will have to begin cutting services - and even considering
closing its doors - "in two or three months."
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