Newspaper delivery man shot while working

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There are still a lot of questions this mid-day as to what led two men to shoot a newspaper delivery man.

He was dropping off papers in the Georgetown Street area, when the shooting happened overnight.

He then drove a few blocks to a gas station for help.

As police look for the people responsible, they're also trying to figure out where exactly the shooting happened.

The victim, a 56-year-old man, is at UK Hospital, and we are told his injuries are not life threatening, but he was shot in the neck and the bullet went through his back.

Lexington police are still searching for the two suspects and piecing together everything that happened this morning.

Just before 4:30 a.m., police got a call from the Thornton's gas station on Georgetown Road at Nandino Boulevard.

That's where the newspaper delivery man was able to drive himself in his truck to get help after being shot once in the neck.

The victim was delivering papers when he was attacked.

"He said he was approached by 2 male blacks in their early 20s, both wearing skull caps and dark clothing. He says he saw the gun, heard the shot, but did not realize he was shot, then he started going numb on his left side," says Lt. Fred Lisanby, with the Lexington Police.

Police say the victim was not completely coherent when they talked to him, but that he was able to tell them about where he was when he was when the two suspects fired at him.

"He advised that he thought he was on Whitney when he got shot -- but he was not sure, and we have not been able to find the location where he was exactly shot," Lisanby says.

Police are continuing to search for the exact crime scene, and because the bullet went through the victim, they are hoping to find at least one piece of evidence.

"We have units on Whitney and we have units on other streets, looking to see if we can find the casing," he says.

While the victim of the shooting is being treated at UK Hospital, police are working in several areas off of Georgetown Street. They do believe the delivery man was shot on Whitney Avenue, but they are investigating around Roosevelt Boulevard and Greenwood Avenue.

Police are trying to determine if that crime is related to an earlier robbery in Lexington, where a security guard was beaten and robbed.

A security guard at Holland Truck Company, off Mercer Road, told police he was locking up a gate when he was hit over the head and robbed by two men.

The security guard went to the hospital to be checked out.

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